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What we do:

CEC fulfills its mission to promote the conversion from fossil fuel-based energy systems to renewable energy systems through two separate campaigns. The first involves large scale installations for which CEC retains ownership. The second is private residential solar water and space heating system installations.  CEC currenlty installs more square fotage of solar thermal collectors then all of the other installers in Wisconsin combined.

CEC owns and operates multiple large scale renewable energy systems on behalf of its members. They are housed by varied facilities from schools, YMCA's, and hospitals, to correctional institutions, multi-unit housing, and industrial and commercial facilities. The renewable energy that is produced is metered and sold to the respective recipient on behalf of CEC members. Ownership is retained by CEC for the duration of a 20-year contract, during which time the respective facility purchases energy units from CEC for a price based on the market price of the energy it is replacing.

CEC also sells and installs residential and commercial solar water and space heating systems. As a cooperative which purchases equipment and goods in bulk, we are able to enjoy the benefit of lower priced goods and products and transfer these savings to members. In addition, we help sort through the paperwork which must be completed to obtain valuable rebates from the state. All homeowners and business who install a solar system become a member of the Coop making them part of a state wide renewable energy network.


CEC is considered a supply cooperative, whose goal is to provide dependable supplies of renewable energy. We operate in accordance with ideologies on which all well-functioning cooperatives are based, "an autonomous association of persons united voluntarily to meet their common economic, social, and cultural needs and aspirations through a jointly owned and democratically controlled enterprise.

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