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Investing In Energy Production

Production Contracts

The monies received by CEC via energy production contracts with its members, are dedicated to the expansion of renewable energy systems throughout the state, the money is used to produce renewable energy. After joining, the member is able to contract with CEC each year to produce a specific amount of renewable energy. CEC then guarantees that it will build systems that will produce enough energy to satisfy the members' energy contracts. CEC sells the renewable energy to the end user/member that is located at the installation site. CEC funds the installation of the system, than recoups its investment by billing the facility for the cost of energy used based on the market price for that energy. When the Cooperative is profitable from the sale of renewable energy, the members receive dividends based upon their patronage (energy production contracts) with CEC. This is a way for members to offset non-renewable energy use at home or work.  This can offset the carbon production of daily energy use as well as putting funds back into the members pockets over time.  Patronage dividends are returned annualy based on therms produced, and this will happen as the market price for energy is greater then the cost to produce renewable energy or after the system has paid for itself in energy sales.  Invest in energy production today, contact CEC fo find out how!

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