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Energy Efficiency

CEC has partnered with A-A Exteriors to offer home owners and businesses Energy Performance Tests that can identify air leaks and then fix those problems. Every dollar spent on energy efficiency will save three. We not only want Wisconsin residents to increase the use of renewable energy but we want them to decrease thier energy use overall; this program gives individuals and businesses that opportunity. To learn more contact CEC at 715-256-3993 or visit

     What most people and businesses don't know about energy efficiency could save them loads on heating and cooling their buildings.  More air is lost, therefore wasted, through gaps, holes and cracks in buildings resulting in energy loss and more money spent.  A-A Exteriors offers an energy performance test that can help identify specific problems in residential or commercial buildings.  These problems comprise of high levels of moisture which causes mold growth, back drafts caused from gas or oil appliances, drafts from open doors and/or crawl spaces, durability problems, improper ventilation, lack of insulation, window dondensation, hot spots on your roof, water problems, and mildew.  This long list of glitches causes a great deal of energy loss.  As one can see, these problems are not detectable by the human eye alone.  That is why this performance test is needed to identify whether or not a building needs air-sealing services.

     A-A Exteriors uses a blower door to test air leakages in buildings.  A blower door is a draw fan that attaches to residential or commercial building and allows the fan to draw air through the building.  While all of the factors listed above are problems, air infiltration is the greatest cost if not taken care of.  The draw fan addresses this problem by drawing air through in sufficient amounts that allows A-A Exteriors to measure air sealing requirements.  The test provides a way to specify the problems within the building so that it can be fixed and properly sealed.

     Once air is properly sealed in a building, A-A Exteriors guarantees payback within 5 years of the investment and future savings on energy will continue after that.  No other company offers that kind of guarantee.  Not only is it a more economical choice, but the benefits also include a more comfortable and healthy environment and better air quality overall.

     How much will this cost?  A-A Exteriors offers a basic air-sealing service for a residential or commercial building for $968.  However, Focus on Energy will deduct $75 from that amount right away as well as sending a check for the same amount after the air-sealing service is complete because of a 25% air infiltration reduction or 400 CFM.  The building owner has a low air infiltration rate they will not be charged, or charged a lesser amount, this is about 2% of all homes.

     For buildings that do need the air-sealing service, every penny will be returned within a 5 year period.  This option lowers the cost of energy in the long run while also providing a way to be more energy efficient.  Global warming, every little bit helps, do your part and make your building more energy efficient!

     Every home and building could benefit from this one of a kind offer and it is only a phone call away.  If you want to save money on utility bills while also being more environmentally friendly call 715-256-3993 today!

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