Online Solar Chat Room
The chat room is available for public use whenever
there is no meeting scheduled in the box below.

No meeting today.

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This chat room has these limitations:
You can only see what is said after you log in, not what was said by participants online before you arrived.
If you log in as a guest, you can only use a nickname for one visit on a given day. If you log out and log back in, you will need a new name, and you will only see comments made after the time you log in with the new name. To pick a nickname (user ID) that you can use here repeatedly, register. (It's free.)
Two users can log in from the same computer if you each use a separate browser (Internet Explorer and Firefox, e.g.).
The conversation cannot be highlighted to save it as text. (You may be able to save it as an image file by pressing the PrtScrn key and pasting into an image editor.)

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